Changes in fade actions

While working on our upcoming title based on libgdx we have found a flaw in the fade actions FadeIn and FadeOut. Both of these actions initialize the alpha of the actor to animate to with either 0 (FadeIn) or 1 (FadeOut). We have now changed the fade actions so that the fade starts at the current value of the target actor.

What that means for you is that you need to make sure that your actors do have the desired alpha value when you start a fade animation. This is especially important when you use a fade action within a Parallel or Sequence action. In most cases you should be fine though. Btw… the FadeTo is not affected

— Moritz (+1 Labs)

Artemis – An Entity System Framework

Ever wondered how to organized your game objects? Look no further, Artemis is here to rescue us all!

Artemis is an entity system framework, inspired by the article “Entity Systems are the future of MMORPG” by Adam Martin, among others. Entity systems have been all the rage for a couple of years now in game development. Want to know more? Click on the image above and check out what Artemis has to offer!

Tons of new libgdx games!

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a ton of libgdx game/app releases. I’ll proudly present you what i was informed off or found myself.

Bus Jumper, by one of our most helpfull souls on the forums, Saurav. It’s kind of an endless runner game, e.g. Canabalt. Here’s a video.

Planet Attack, by Pablo Picasso (i kid you not). A Galcon inspired strategy game, very polished. Here’s a video:

Bubbly Fish, by BitWhiz. Highly addictive “eat to get bigger and eat bigger stuff!” game. Great execution. Here’s a screeny:

Quadratum, by Machaon Studio. Took me a while to figure that bugger out, but once you get it it’s very cool. Also, the first multiplayer libgdx game! Here’s a screeny:

Blocks, by Coldmountain Games. This is the authors first game and it does not show at all. It’s a fun block puzzler in the spirit of classic match-3 games. Very polished. Here’s a screeny:

Dem Bones, by Deepdiver. Currently not available in the Market due to it’s beta status. It’s an anatomy quiz/learning app running with OpenGL ES 2.0. Really really awesome stuff, looks great. Screw Google Body 🙂

Kolleagues, by Fula Fisken. A sort of labyrinth game where which you navigate a Kolleagua around an office space, picking up other people along the way. It’s a port of an IPhone game, originally written with Cocos2D and box2d. Here’s a screeny:

Check out our Showcase Forum for more stuff. The forum has received quite some love lately, new games pop up every now and then. Getting some traction. We love it, keep them games coming guys!

If i forgot something please let me know, it’s hard to keep track of all of this 🙂