DecalBatch now in libgdx

Update #2: Fixed things up. I’d advise you to check out the DecalTest linked to at the bottom of this post. Use a CameraGroupStrategy for best results (and OpenGL ES 2.0 compatibility)

Update: the API is kinda strange, i will change things around a little and make it compatible with GLES 2.0 as well. Hold out for a bit if you want to use it in production (1 day)

Took me quite a while, but today i integrated Vevusio’s super awesome DecalBatch into libgdx. What is a DecalBatch? Basically the same as a SpriteBatch but for 3D. You can render rotated/scaled/translated rectangles with a TextureRegion applied to them using the z-buffer for depth sorting.

Follow this link to learn more. There are two new tests in the gdx-tests project called DecalTest and TransformationTest which should give you a good idea about how this thing works. Additionally there are extensive Javadocs of course.

Here’s a pic:


Thanks to Vevusio for this great contribution. He left the community a while ago it seems, which is kinda sad.

Changes to Actor

We changed the visibility of input methods of Actors. They are all public now instead of protected. enjoy 😀

Update: i’m still adjusting to the new environment, so please excuse me if i’m not that responsive on the usual channels. Give me a week or so and things should get back to normal. It’s quite a change for me 🙂