libgdx 0.9.3 released

Time for a new release. Here’s what we changed/added/fixed

  • Tons of fixes for issues on the tracker, have a look yourself.
  • Fixes and additions to the UI framework
  • And all new build system that allows us to more easily integrate new extensions and backends.
  • Big performance improvements for OpenGL ES 2.0 by using vertex arrays instead of VBOs for SpriteBatch and friends.
  • Lifted the memory limit for native resources, see here.
  • Non-continuous rendering support
  • PixmapPacker, pack your images to a TextureAtlas at runtime.
  • An entire new backend allowing you to target native HTML5 via GWT.
  • Support for local files.
  • gdx-stb-truetype, a wrapper around stb-truetype to generate BitmapFonts from Unicode characters. Sadly its visual quality is not to good for small font sizes
  • gdx-jnigen, a tool that let’s you embed your JNI code in your Java files and helps you generate ant scripts to build the code for multiple platforms. All of libgdx’s native code has been converted to use this tool.
  • gdx-audio, wraps libmpg123 and tremor to help you decode mp3 and ogg files to plain PCM samples, wraps SoundTouch to allow you to pitch shift and timestretch your PCM samples, wraps kissfft to give you the frequency domain of a signal.
  • gdx-freetype, wraps FreeType and allows you to generate BitmapFonts on the fly from common TTF files.

There’s currently work being done on a Bullet Physics wrapper (gdx-bullet) and libjpeg/libpng/libgif wrapper (gdx-image). The Bullet Physics wrapper seems to be mostly complete but needs extensive testing. The image library wrapper is in it’s infancy, only libjpeg works for now. Both are packaged in the release for you to test them out if you wish.

We also created a few new ways to make libgdx project setup a lot easier. Check out this new Wiki page. Massive thanks to Aurelien Ribon for writting this fancy thing. I’ll add some screenshots to the article and will most likely replace the old introduction videos.

We also recognize the need for mavenization (edit: meaning everyone but Nate). We can now push artifacts to central, and as soon as i get the time, i’ll try to set things up so that happens automagically. Ruben and Arielsan of Gemserk kindly offered their help, so thanks for that as well.

I’ll write an extensive post on the new GWT backend asap. I’m working full time again since monday, so please be patient 🙂