Tiny Dungeons – WIP

I’ve started working on a game again. Haven’t done one in ages, hope i have the stamina to pull it off. It’s going to be a light-weight Diablo kinda thingy. Kinda sorta, with a twist. I’ll try to release it on the desktop, Android and iOS eventually.

Here’s a screenshot. I’m happy to announce that Pascal from OrangePixels is doing the amazing pixel art.

I’m actually taking timelapse videos for all the time i spent on the game. It’s gonna be a glorious 2 weeks timelapse once i’m done with this 🙂

The game is “data-driven”, in the sense that there are no real entity types in the code. Pretty much everything is specified in a bunch of JSON files. I keep things very simple by using conventions-over-configuration where possible. E.g. all sprite sheets for monsters/heroes etc. have the same layout. Adding a new “entity” boils down to dropping a PNG file with the animation frames into a folder, and adding a JSON descriptor for it in a file. I have not started implementing behaviour for entities, but the plan is to provide a couple of pre-build Java classes that i can reference by name from within an entities JSON descriptor. It’s not exactly a full-blown entity system, but it sure smells like one.

I guess what i want to get across is that i keep things as small and simple as possible, while making it very easy to add new content on the fly. I try to limit flexibility where i think i won’t need it, short-cutting my way through things 🙂

MonoTouch Student Licenses – Libgdx on iOS for cheapers

I just found out that students enrolled at accredited universities can get a student discount for a MonoTouch Pro license. You’ll only have to pay 79$!

Get one, the price point is really really low. For comparison, a Unity license for iOS is 400$ per platform, Corona is 199$, Marmelade is 149$ per platform, etc. That makes libgdx by far the cheapest (free for desktop, Android, browser, 79$ for MonoTouch on iOS) of the managed solutions. C++ frameworks like Cocos2D-x or Gameplay SDK are of course without any kind of cost. They don’t work in the browser though. So pick your poison.

Note that you’ll also need an Apple developer account, which is 99$/y. You’ll need that for any option if you want to publish on the App Store.

Also note that you don’t have to get MonoTouch to test your app in the simulator.

We’ll try to get iOS support into gdx-setup-ui and our build asap so you can start playing around with it. It’s still a little rough around the edges, but we got a lot of games running already.