Changes to Live Wallpaper API

We changed the live wallpaper API slightly.

We introduced a parameter to createListener that tells you if this is a wallpaper preview or not. Simple as that. The rest stays the same for now. There may be a few more changes if bug fixes require them. Stay tuned.

First Libgdx Games approved on iOS App Store

Congrats to Noblemaster Games for getting his games Tropical Stormfront and Desert Stormfront approved on the iOS App Store. This means libgdx can be used to produce iOS games officially 🙂

Now, we still have some way to go before we can give this goodness to you guys. The process of making this work is to complex for the normal user, but we are working on figuring out how to make this as pleasent as it can be.

Note that the iOS backend has some limitations when it comes to the Java Runtime library that’s supported. Namely, the entire package is unsupported. One of the reasons we started work on our own net API. Also, using third party Java libraries might or might not work. This is similar to some degree on Android, though compatibility is usually less of an issue there.

Let me also remind you that publishing on iOS means you’ll need a Mac (~500$ for a Mac Mini), an Apple Developer license (99$/year), and a MonoTouch license (79$ if you are a student, 399$ otherwise). MonoTouch is the only thing we add on top of the things you have to pay for anyways.

Calling all 3D modellers!

I started working on a Gameplay SDK Bundle loader. The Gameplay SDK comes with an encoder that loads Collada and Fbx files and spits out an optimized binary files. It can actually encode full scenes, with hierarchical nodes and also include bitmap fonts.

We’ll adopt this encoder for our purposes. Our 3D API will provide a loader for bundle files. You as a user will use the encoder (a simple command line tool) to convert your FBX or Collada files to the bundle format. The benefit of this approach is that we really only care for two formats, Collada and FBX, the later being the prefered one. All popular modellers can output these formats. However, some may spit out custom things, so we have to determine workflows for each modeller that are compatible with the encoder.

For this i’d like all you 3D modeller guys to do the following:

  • Create a simple animated model, possibly including multiple animation tracks into a single file
  • Provide at least one UV set, a texture and normals. Bonus points for bump maps and/or lightmaps!
  • Document your workflow so that other users of your modelling program can understand it. It doesn’t have to be written for someone like me who can’t model if his life dependent on it 😀
  • Save the model as FBX and Collada, write a small description of what modeller (and version) you used and what the model should look like.
  • Send me the model!

This information will not only help me write a robust loader, but also help other folks if they want to get their 3D assets into their libgdx game. Additionally i’d like to contribute back to Gameplay SDK in case i find bugs or other issues.

If there are other folks that could benefit from this (thinking of Three.js, JMonkeyEngine etc.) i’m totally open to collaboration. Converting the Gameplay SDK bundles to something easily readable by any kind of framework/engine would be mighty nice.

I rely on your folks here, as i have almost zero 3D modelling experience and do not have the time to learn all the various modellers out there. Any help is much appreciated!