The Break Continues

Welp, i wasn’t really on a break this week. I organized the Google Summer of Code stuff, worked on the GLFW backend, and closed about 30 issues on the tracker.

For that very reason, i’ll take next week off. I’ll only submit the GSoC application of libgdx, and lurk a bit on the IRC channel.


RoboVM libgdx backend update

Niklas just tweeted about the code drop of his RoboVM libgdx backend. I’m on a small hiatus, and won’t look into it for a bit. Motivated folks can look into it though.

Get Niklas libgdx fork here.

Check out RoboVM and how to use it here. You will likely have to work from RoboVM’s source as i assume Niklas added a few new things that are not in the last release.

Additional instructions can be found in this forum thread.

Awesome stuff, will be the first thing i check out once i’m back.