GSoC Application Review

Here’s the uncut log of our conversation with Carols, one of the GSoC organizers.

We’ll try to put more meat behind our idea list next year and try again!

Libgdx development 2010 – 2013

Ocirne23, one of our beloved friends from IRC, just put this up on Youtube. It’s using Gource to create this funky visualization of our commit log.

In other news: I’m still overwhelmed with day job stuff. Xoppa, Nate and all the other folks keep things running. I’ll be back in May, with a bit of a surprise (no code, just an interesting thingamatsching).

No Google Summer of Code 2013 for libgdx

We just got the notification from Google, libgdx has not been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code this year. Thanks for everyone involved for your efforts!

We’ll get feedback from Google on the 19th on IRC, until then we can only guess as to why we were rejected. We’ll try to apply again next year 🙂