Libgdx Maven updates

Update: cause i got a few questions… the things below do not concern you if you don’t use Maven. Everything stays the same for you non-Maven guys!

With the help of beloved PlayN mastermind Michael Bayne, we are brushing up on our Maven build. Effective immediately, we now have proper poms in our master repo. We are now pushing snapshot releases to SonaType, the old private repo of ours is disfunctional from now on. The SonaType snapshot repository is at

Also, due to SonaType being strict, we had to change our group id to com.badlogicgames, as we do not own the com.badlogic domain. A minor hiccup that will hopefully not mess up anything on your end.

The libgdx maven archetype has been updated as well. Go read it’s new docs! It is currently pointing to the SonaType repository to fetch the snapshot artifacts. If you have a local libgdx clone, you can remove the repository from the parent pom, do a “mvn clean install” on the libgdx clone, and enjoy working from source, using Maven. Note that the archetype hasn’t been tested with Eclipse/IntelliJ yet. Chances are that it’s broken. I’m currently doing a test run and will report back.

Our Maven setup currently does not support iOS or any of the extensions (apart from gdx-jnigen and gdx-tools). That may change in the near future.

Finally, we’ll publish proper Maven releases to central, starting with 0.9.9 (our next release). We will not publish old versions to central i’m afraid, the effort to do so is just to big.

More updates to come!

OpenGL ES 2 for Android – A Quick Start Guide

A few months ago, Kevin Brothaler approached me via e-mail and asked if i could give him a quote for the book (yes, i feel like a “rockstar”). I ended up doing a tech-review and write the foreword for the book.

Kevin did an excellent job at condensing the somewhat beginner-unfriendly OpenGL ES 2.0 API into a nice little book, with a special focus on Android. While you won’t be able to write the next Crysis, it’s certainly a nice introduction to the subject matter, and i can recommend purchasing it. Kevin’s also a splendid guy and put out many free tutorials on OpenGL ES on his site You should support his book for this fact alone!

The books not yet on Amazon, but you can get it at The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Finally, i’d like to highlight the fact that the publisher had no problem putting my name and the name of my book on the cover of Kevin’s book. I did not ask for that at all, they just did it. Awesome!