I’m Back (and SoundPool on Android is broken)

I’m back. Been to Disneyland with my better half, we are engaged 😀 It was a blast.


Coming back, i now have the awesome task of figuring out the state of libgdx and any issues that may have arisen during my absense. The build server is still humming along. The issue tracker hasn’t grown immensely. I’ll do a forum run tonight and catch up with Nex/Xoppa/Nate/etc.

The recent Android 4.3 release broke looping for sound effects. The problem is located in SoundPool, and Android class we use to playback sound effects. Android 4.3 introduced a bug that breaks looping of sound effects.

You can star the bug on the Android issue tracker. Refrain from posting “me too” comments, anyone subscribed will receive your useless message.

There’s currently no work around, using MediaPlayer is to heavyweight and hence not an option. This doesn’t affect libgdx only, other frameworks and engines have the same problem now.