Changes in libgdx Bullet Extension

A message from your friendly 3D graphics/physics overlord Xoppa (thanks for your awesome work!):

The bullet wrapper is updated to version 2.82 rev 2704. It mainly contains bug fixes. The new functionality that v2.82 adds will be added to the wrapper soon. The wrapper is also split up into separate packages: linearmath, collision, dynamics, softbody and extras. This makes coding a bit cleaner and makes the wrapper easier to maintain. Eventually we might split up the wrapper into separate binaries for each package, so you can include only the binaries you actually use. Due to this change you most likely need to re-import the bullet classes in your project. Previously global methods/variables were static members of the gdxBullet, gdxBulletJNI and gdxBulletConstants classes, these are moved to the respective package classes, e.g. LinearMath, CollisionConstants, etc. The update also contains some bug fixes to the wrapper and new features, the wiki will be updated accordingly soon.
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Special Xamarin Libgdx 0.9.9 Prerelease

So, i’m about to purge all Xamarin related things from our repository. For those users that are still using Xamarin, i prepared a special release, which you can find here. I also created a Git tag so you can still browse the source online easily.

This release contains the current master version of libgdx, and the latest IKVM-Monotouch version. I tested it with on all iOS versions >= 5.0 via the simulator, as well as on iOS 6 and iOS 7 on devices. If you run into any IKVM-Monotouch issues, i’m afraid we won’t be able to help you.

I also removed any mention of Xamarin from our Wiki over at Github. You can find the Xamarin/iOS notes are still available, but not linked from the TOC.

I will now remove the backend from the build, Git repo and setup-ui.

The real 0.9.9 release will happen soonish, i want to finish the new setup-ui based on Gradle first. We (read: i just force this on everybody) also have some plans to let you share your own extensions much more easily with others through Gradle. More on that soon.