A “Thank You” from RoboVM to the libGDX community

Update: post any questions on this forum thread. I already tried to cover most of the concerns, don’t hesitate to bring up more concerns.

Since early 2014, RoboVM has been our weapon of choice to deploy libGDX games on all kinds of iOS devices.

The libGDX community has been a vital part in the development of and improvements made to RoboVM over the past 2 years. You guys have provided invaluable feedback and helped build a community around RoboVM itself, right next to our libGDX community.

Now it’s time to give back a little. The RoboVM team would like to thank you guys with a free license for use with libGDX. This license includes debugging support and can be used for building and publishing both commercial and non-commercial libGDX games, provided your team size does not exceed 3 developers (send a mail to hello@robovm.com if it does).

Going forward, you will need to enter a RoboVM license key to compile your libGDX/PlayN game. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for a RoboVM account
  2. Activate your license (see below)
  3. Apply for a free indie license!

Once you got your license key, make sure you use the latest RoboVM version (1.9.0) and simply execute the following on the command line:

You can also activate your license key from within your IDE of choice. With the RoboVM IDE plugin installed, go to RoboVM -> License Manager and simply enter your code.

Your trial key will be updated to an indie license within the next 30 days without you having to take additional steps.

The license will be automatically renewed every year. You can use it for as many games as you want, no strings attached.

Happy coding!