libGDX 1.9.8 released

libGDX 1.9.8

Mr. Tomski has graced us with another release, all on his own! Here’s what’s new.

Included in 1.9.8 are a few minor fixes, as well as some hot fixes for box2d build errors from 1.9.7.

Support for iPhoneX by default in new projects was added. For existing projects you can just add the launch images as shown in this commit

We’ve also updated to Bullet 2.87.

And it wouldn’t be a libGDX release without at least one breaking change! FrameBuffers ‘basic’ constructors are back, no more static methods to instantiate basic versions of FrameBuffers.
This is to make it easier for subclassing and extension. See for discussion.


- Add iPhoneX images
- Fix MacOS issue with GL_ARB_texture_float extension check
- Fix AtlasTmxMapLoader tileset tile id offset
- Bullet: updated to 2.87, see:
- API Addition: Possibility to specify TexturePacker settings for resampling when scaling.
- API Addition: Support for customizing render buffer attachments in GLFrameBuffers
- API Change: Revert to constructors for GLFrameBuffers for easier customization

Happy coding,
The libGDX team