One of these days

4am, woken up by Madame Stefanie, my human alarm clock (no she doesn’t go off … pervert…)

5am, arrival at airport Graz

9:30am, arrival in Zürich

9:45-15:00 What happens at Google, stays at Google! EOT…

3:15pm, lol, i was in your base! now i get drunk! (7 Franken for 0.33liters of beer? really zürich? taxi driver told me i got screwed)

23:39Back in the parking lot of Graz airport. I’ve been away for how long??? wtf!

Google == Willy Wonkers Chocolate Factory – Chocolate + more of the crazy :p

Thanks to Viola and Aleksandra for making this happen. It was an awesome (and exhausting) day.

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