I fucked up touch events,sorry

I fucked up event handling in tue latest libgdx trunk state, i’m sorry. I got a bug report from one person and initially thought it was a bug in his app as i couldn’t reproduce it.

then Nate reported the same problem 5 minutes ago. I’m out socializing at the momwnt having some beers with friends. Luckily i can browse the source feom my Nexus One and identified two bugs togetuer with Nate: multitouch was borked due to me being an idiot and doing a nasty copy and paste job. And i fucked up event buffer synching on Android. A subtle tureading bug Nate finally deciphered. He chaanged the source and commited it. I just rebuild the nightlies. All is well now.

Thanks Nate and sorry to you people using the nightlies. I try to have better QA in the future.

EDIT: i figured i need to make up for my fuck up sins. Here’s a photo of a dinosaur. WITH JESUS!


7 thoughts on “I fucked up touch events,sorry

  1. Yeh you did. And you just turned off a sizable persentage of potential readers because you have a dirty mouth. Get the soap and try again.

  2. I’m sorry for disappointing you Dan. I will repent. Your fine blog which you thankfully felt the need to link to will surely help me find the way.

    Thank you Dan, you opened my eyes!

  3. Yeah, we have a Hudson account granted to use by the awesome folks of l33tlabs.org. Unit-testing mostly graphical test is a bit of a problem though :p. But when it comes to code integration we are pretty well set. I need to add in native building for linux/windows though. Gotta wait for cross compilers and write a few make files.

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