Slick now on Android, thanks to libgdx!

That’s what libgdx was meant for: port your stuff from the desktop to Android easily. The first framework to join the party is Slick by Kevin Glass, a pretty famous Java OpenGL based 2D game engine. Of course the poor thing has still some rough edges like temporary object allocation and so on, but Kev was able to port one of his games already, running pretty well:

You can find a preliminary apk at Make sure to report any bugs in this JGO thread.

2 thoughts on “Slick now on Android, thanks to libgdx!

  1. clap clap clap… This secretly was one of my barometer goals with my efforts.. Been stuck in a patch of final architecture / release engineering purgatory recently here. Def want to check out TWL and the Slick2d port amongst other goodies being worked on with libgdx.. Def like to see some action from
    “old school” LWJGL folks.

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