Libgdx port of Vector Pinballs

Brian Nenninger of Dozing Cat Software published the code of Vector Pinball under the GPL license. He used libgdx mainly for the box2d JNI wrapper. I asked Brian whether i could port it to straight libgdx, replacing the Canvas method he employs in the original. Well, i had an hour yesterday and ported the baby :). The full source can be found in the trunk/demos/vectorpinball directory in SVN. I only had to clean up some nasty temporary object allocations and implement a new renderer based on ImmediateModeRenderer (which i improved by a factor of 4 btw.). Runs well on all phones i tested on, even on the Hero. Until you touch the screen that is, then it goes from 45 fps to 25fps and shit starts to stutter. I hate the shitty touch screen drivers :/ Note that it’s just a proof of concept, i do not display the scores at the moment, and the game is pretty much endless. I leave that as an excersice to anyone who wants to adapt it 🙂 Here’s a clickable QR code to the APK:


Anyways, thanks to Brian for letting us include it in the demo section of libgdx and i hope it will be of some use to you people out there. All the code is GPL, if you adapt it you have to release any modifications as GPL as well!

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