I have another 2 weeks of vacation left. As some of you might know i’m currently writting a book called “Beginning Android Games”, published by APress sometime in April 2011. While i was able to keep up with schedule up to this point (6 chapters, ~400 pages so far) i feel that i got to many projects cooking at the moment.

I therefore decided to put off any work on libgdx for the next 2 weeks and concentrate on finishing the book (another 6 chapters). I’m pretty sure i can pull that off in the given time frame but i need to focus on it for 8 hours every day for the next 2 weeks. After that i have my head mostly clear apart from some clean up work and editing of the chapters before they go to print. As soon as i enter that stage i can completely concentrate on libgdx and other projects again which should make my life less stressful.

I’ve developed an unhealthy sleeping pattern over the last couple of months, i basically turned into a vampire. While that’s awesome for keeping up with friends in other time zones it’s not so awesome if you have a life to live as well. I’ll pass by the forums every now and then but can’t promise that i can make any big contributions. The rest of the team already gives a lot of support over at the forum, probably more than me at times so i figure you can all live without me for 2 weeks.

This will of course also influence the release date of 0.9, but given that we have a pretty clear cut plan for it actually implementing all the features should be “easy”. We’ll introduce some nice new bugs as well for you to enjoy 🙂

Back to Word 2007, ugh…

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