Navigation With Detour/Recast

I just stumbled over Detour/Recast today. Recast is responsible for generating navigation meshes for your 3D environment, think of it as as an asset processing tool. Detour is an accompanying path finding and spatial reasoning toolkit. It’s responsible for calculating paths for entities on the navigation mesh among other things.

It’s ZLib licensed so you can easily use it in your commercial and non-commercial games. From the blog it seems that the library suffers from the same refactoring API breakage that libgdx does at times, that’s fine with me 🙂

Here’s a little image to give you an idea:

And a nice video as well:

Drunken mine dwellers from memoni on Vimeo.

I could think of a couple of things that this could be useful for libgdx as well. Collision detection and response being one of them. And of course super massive RTS games…

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