The Wrath of God (Flash “Game” PC/Android)

update: just for fun i updated it so you can now use touch controls as well. just touch at the position where GOD should move to. It suffers a lot from occlusion problems of course, but if you run it in fullscreen on Android it actually works pretty well. Interesting! I tried to figure out whether one can get an OS string identifying Android but no such luck it seems. Still neat.

I had an hour today so i wasted it on discovering new territory. I was looking at Flixel, a rather popular game development library for Flex/Flash/Actionscript (still don’t know the difference, i don’t really care either). I’ve never done anything Flash related so i thought i give it a quick try. Here’s what came out after 30 minutes of freshly learned AS3/Flixel/FlashDeveloper:

Use the error keys and don’t get hit by science!

Why did i waste my time on this? Flixel is the hot new shit for Flash game development it seems. Games like Canabalt use it heavily due to its ease of use and nice API. I wanted to get a feeling of how it works to maybe learn some lessons for libgdx’s 2D APIs. There’s a couple of things i like a lot. Other things, like the reliance on pixel units suck pretty much. I haven’t dived to deep into the API but i was up and running pretty quickly which is a good sign. Also, Actionscript looks like a fun language. I could imagine using it for a few tiny prototypes maybe.

In other news: I’m still somewhat on vacation working on the book. I’m currently preparing chapter 9, 3 more chapters to go according to my plan. I hope to get most of it done by the end of the week. I won’t touch libgdx until i have finished all chapters in their first draft version. Just kills me otherwise.

3 thoughts on “The Wrath of God (Flash “Game” PC/Android)

  1. Flash player:
    – The VM that runs SWFs

    – The IDE most suitable for vector animations

    Flash builder:
    – The IDE most suitable for code oriented projects

    – The programming language

    – A framework with components written in ActionScript
    – Provides a compiler for MXML, an XML definition that allows generating ActionScript, mostly used for layout purposes

  2. Awesome info! Thanks a bunch! I didn’t feel the need to research this in the one hour i used for that little project. Makes a lot of things clear now.

  3. Oh, I forgot AIR:

    – A standalone runtime
    – Includes both a Flash player and Webkit browser
    – Provides an extended API (sockets, local file access, sqlite, browser within an swf, etc.)
    – Allows the creation of applications with swf’s or html/css/javascript

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