3D Animation Changes

Hi all,

I’ve just committed some minor changes that aren’t quite minor enough to not post about.

First of all there were a couple of nasty memory leaks in KeyframedModel.dispose() and TextureDict.unloadAll() that are now fixed – if you were using either of these I’d highly recommend you update. I promise to be more diligent with cleaning up my shit in the future!

Secondly the animators now use a WrapMode instead of a boolean loop argument. A new WrapMode I’ve implemented is SingleFrame, which plays 1 frame of animation then stops. This is to get models out of bind pose into a ‘frozen idle’ with very little performance cost. When I implemented it in Discretion my framerate jumped by about a bazillion FPS. Okay not quite, but it was highly significant for any scene with more than a couple of characters. I recommend using this on Android for all idle animations unless you can definitely afford to be doing all that interpolation every frame.

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