Discretion by RedSkyForge released!

Dave released his epic Android RPG called Discretion today. Here’s a trailer (made possible by running his game on the desktop with the power of libgdx :p):

Pretty awesome as it is the first 3D libgdx title on the market. I’m really enjoying the game. The only thing that i’m not so fond of are the controls. But Dave is surely gonna fix that, right Dave? :p

In any case, go give it a try, there’s a demo and a paid version on the market.


Full Version:

Looking forward to more games Dave. Nice job!

9 thoughts on “Discretion by RedSkyForge released!

  1. Thanks a lot Mario! 🙂

    I actually got some positive feedback on the controls elsewhere. I would really like to implement different controls so people can choose which way it works and then everyone will be happy. Right after I finish this beer…..

  2. You should take off a week and not do anything game related 🙂 Celebration time! I can live with the controls for now, i just have to be an ass heh.

  3. Fantastic!

    The controls are really surprisingly good, takes no time to get used it, they “just work”(tm)

    And the game is truly awesome old school RPG 😀

    Great job guys!

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