libgdx 0.9 released

Well, it’s about time for a new release, don’t you think? Here are the release notes relative to 0.81, check the category libgdx on this blog and the SVN changelog for more specific information:

  • Box2D raycasting. We still lack pre and post-solve support, the last feature to be wrapped via JNI. To be included in 1.0
  • lots and lots and lots of changes to the 3D model loading and animation/rendering stuff by Dave. Note that this is still under construction and is likely to change in 1.0! (The last API breakage mayhem…)
  • revamped scene2d package with interpolators and more functionality. Thanks Moritz!
  • Preferences support
  • new camera classes
  • new 2D image manipulation backend in C (Pixmap for your Java people) along with easier to use Texture class.
  • revamped input system which now also reports buttons, mouse move and mouse scrolling on the desktop
  • Many new additions to SpriteBatch, SpriteCache, Sprite and TextureRegion
  • A metric ton of new collection classes by Nate
  • Some package refactoring
  • 64-bit Windows and Linux support as well as full OSX support
  • Vibrator and Compass support
  • a new backend for the desktop based on the angle project so we can haz Nvidia 3D Vision with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • a brand new OpenAL audio backend for Jogl and Lwjgl by Nate. Yay!
  • Libgdx Remote. Now also available directly from the market
  • TMX orthographic tile map support, thanks to Dave! (the other Dave)
  • Lots of minor and major bug fixes, optimizations and general awesomeness
  • An Animation class to be used with Sprites and so on. I decided against an AnimatedSprite class at this point. See the AnimationTest for how to use this sucker. See Wavesonic’s contribution on the forum if you need an AnimatedSprite class.

This release would not have been possible without the help of the rest of the team (in fact, Nate is doing more than me now! Sort off…). Thanks a bunch to you guys.

Of course the above items are not all of the story. We now also have a texture packer (which you should know by now), new demo games and so on and so forth. Browse the libgdx category for all the fun new tidbits.

You can find the latest relase on the Google Code page. As said earlier, the Gdx Remote application is now also available on the market. Enjoy and let the bug reports commence.

8 thoughts on “libgdx 0.9 released

  1. Hurray for 0.9 ! And thanks a lot for your (freaking) awesome job guys ! Developing android games has never been so easy ! Thanks to you, I can even develop my thesis scientific visualization tools with this lib !

    You are AWESOME, a big, an enormous THANK YOU for your devotion to make things better, from the deep of my heart !

  2. Congratulations on another release. As ever, there’s some good stuff in there that I’m looking forward to using. Who knows, one day I might even contribute to the project … half tempted to clean up Badly Drawn Robots and port it across to this latest version.

  3. Excellent. That’s what I’ll do. I’m more than happy for it to be a demo game.

    I’ll port it across to 0.9, comment the hell out of it where appropriate, and release the source under the same licence as the rest of libgdx.

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