libgdx video tutorial #2, File I/O

Are these useful at all? Anything that needs to change? Feedback welcome.

i just realized that i breath pretty heavy. That’s not because i’m a smoker or because i’m fat but because i had the mic to close to my big nose. Oh well…

13 thoughts on “libgdx video tutorial #2, File I/O

  1. These are great, I might suggest creating a new category on the blog for these specifically? Would help new user’s locate these at a later time. Any idea what the next video will touch on?

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I’m going through all the modules one a time from simplest to hardest. I plan on doing them in this order:

    #3 -> input – polled
    #4 -> input – event based
    #5 ->audio
    #6 – #234 -> graphics

    3-5 will be easy. the graphics part will be split in a shitton of videos since it’s the most complex thing.

    I’d like to round this all off with doing a longer video (~1 hour) that shows you how to create a basic game (probably one from the demos folder).

    After the videos we (== Tony and me) are probably going to get the dev guide going plus some more written stuff for reference (besides the java docs).

  3. I enjoy these videos and they are very useful. Thank you for the effort. I’ve only been programming for a year, so I’m looking at intermediate level stuff.

    I.e. workflow and project set-up, do’s and do not’s AND a basic game would be really good to see packaged up in a Eclipse project. I learn a lot from reading code. However, its hard to follow; 12 implemented interface methods that have 4 or 5 parameters each, for example.

    Thanks again.

  4. Wow awesome support you guys have planned. I look forward to seeing this all unfold as I’m sure it will help me.

    Thank you.

  5. It’s incredible to see how much you guys are accomplishing in so little time. I <3 you guys!

  6. Just dropped in to add feedback as well; been lurking on the forums for a few weeks now (love reading about the technical aspects of the engine, but have no artistic tallent to actually do something with it).

    +10 on the videos from me, absolutely invaluable for giving someone their bearings *very quickly* in a friendly way.

    I feel like I could start dabbling after watching that 1st video where as reading the forums for weeks, I know lots of ins and outs, but no knowledge on how to actually *make* something.

    Thanks for putting these together.

  7. Thanks alot for these tutorials. They are truly helpful for beginners like me. Also the swearing is a nice touch.

    Looking forward to the next videos (PLEASE HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Ok, thanks again for your effort!

  8. The videos are great! I’m new too and can’t wait for more videos. They really are helpful with getting up to speed quickly with using libgdx.

  9. I usually prefer Text toutorials, but your videos are really well made. Im really dieing for a event driven input one 🙂

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