Libgdx Wiki Changes and Request

Tony has been hard at work preparing yet another of his awesome tutorials. I started rearranging the Wiki a little bit a week ago. It now has a proper table of contents. The Wiki will not be publically editable, maybe at some point we’ll create a community Wiki. Go check out our new fangled Wiki here and tell us what you think!

I also created a new video tutorial, this time i present basic audio playback with Music and Sound. I’ll continue with those (even though netray says it’s a waste of time, but it’s fun!). Next up is input processing, after that i’ll probably do a little opengl tutorial and then discuss the graphics classes.

Finally i have a request for all you people that have made a libgdx game. Provide me with a link to a video (you all used the desktop functionality to produce a demo video, right?), maybe a YouTube or Vimeo link, whatever works for you. Also provide me with the title and market link of your game/application. I plan on creating a demo reel video of sorts for the Google Code page so people get to know what things are possible with libgdx.

Here’s the list of games/demos i have so far

3 thoughts on “Libgdx Wiki Changes and Request

  1. Until when we can provide you a link? I’m almost ready with an alpha version and would like to be part of the reel ;D

  2. What??? DOES that imply you forgot about it???? 😀 *lol*
    But actually it is great to have something like a repository to see what incredible cool games already developed with libgdx. You should think about a permanent link somewhere in the menu.

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