Workshop Sources & Slides

I figured it would be a nice thing to open source the sources and slides of the workshop on Android Game Development i held at this year’s Droidcon in Berlin last week. For this i created a new Google Code project over here, and also created a new sub-forum on our forums. The slides are rather comprehensive (201 slides in total) and are meant as a kind of script for people that want to “replay” what happened at the workshop. We talked about how to create a game development framework for Android (based on SurfaceView and Canvas) and how to implement a game:

The code is licensed under the Apache 2 license, so feel free to do with it whatever you want (in accordance to the license of coures). The assets are partially created by myself, some are from 3rd parties that either made them public domain or for which i rely on the fair use clause for teaching purposes. The slides are CC licensed, you are allowed to redistribute them, print them etc. but you are under no circumstances allowed to modify or commercialize them (read: make money off of them). If i find out you do i’m gonna hunt you down and twist your nipples.

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