BatteryTech by Battery Powered Games!

Check this out. Robert, our dear friend from Battery Powered Games released the first version of BatteryTech, a cross-platform C/C++ game dev framework for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android. Think SDL, but for OpenGL ES. Great stuff. Here’s the introductionary video:

You can find out more at It’s a commercial product, 250$ for indies (or game dev companies with < 5 people), 1000$ for bigger studios. Both are one-time fees. Go check it out, it's nice!

8 thoughts on “BatteryTech by Battery Powered Games!

  1. Is there any chance there could ever be a batterypowered backend in libgdx? That would be amazing. Or do the licenses not play well?

  2. Jupp, IOS would be a problem. No benefit having a Batterytech libgdx backend on Android I’m afraid. See it as an alternative to libgdx.

  3. Hum why would i use this if i can use something like airplaysdk that has alot more features and is free to use?

  4. Airplay is also free if you want to publish your stuff. You can only publish on IOS for free if your revenue is < 100.000$/y.

  5. My point wasn’t even about the price. I don’t get what this brings to the table that airplay SDK has not solved already… is there any techincal advantage in using BatteryTech over airplaySDK?

    I am asking because i know airplay sdk well but i have only glanced over batterytech… any insights would be highly appreciated.

  6. Hi Dan,

    There is a difference between the approaches of Airplay and BatteryTech. BT takes the keep-it-simple, keep-it-small and don’t-reinvent-the-wheel approach to all design problems. Airplay is really an excellent product, but it’s quite all-encompassing in many ways that BT leaves open and exposed to the developer.

    BatteryTech has a lighter codebase, builds are native to your environment (instead of in a simulator), the APIs are small, simple and easy to understand, the C++ is very clean, etc. For better or worse, it’s just different.

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