12 thoughts on “Beginning Android Games Delay

  1. I can’t wait to get it, but I would love to be able to purchase the e-book asap. Also, who wrote the book? Richard Taylor or Mario?

  2. Mario did, they just haven’t updated the pictures and descriptions on some websites ..

    Perhaps they did actually print them all with the old cover, causing the delay. Bahaha 😛

  3. Beginning Android Games by Mario Zechner (Paperback – 19 Apr 2011)… My mistake. perhaps it will be out sooner on amazon.com?

  4. Dan, thanks for the update i’ll put it in the post. Apress seems rather busy at the moment and there’s a delay in replies. I’m not aware of a kindle version but i know there will be an e-book version available (at least from Apress directly).

  5. I wish there was some official word from Apress, I can’t wait to have the ebook and stop picking through many generations of tutorials online.

  6. Well a Buy eBook button appeared on the Apress site, so i think they finally released it. 🙂

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