Welcome Eric on the libgdx team!

A couple of weeks ago Eric turned out to be a knowledgable guy and i offered him a job on the libgdx team. He’ll help me get the 3D refactoring done and already contributed quite a bunch of niceties! Here’s the obligatory interview. You can find Eric in our IRC channel as well.

me: Who the fuck are you?
eric: A husband, a father of two, a full-time satellite communications engineer, a part-time EE student, and a part-time software developer. Usually, in that order.
me: Why do you deserve being on this blog?
eric: I wouldn’t want to claim that I’m deserving of anything, being on this blog included. However, the true and rightful master of all things Badlogic has deemed me worthy – at least provisionally. My professional experience is primarily in the development of web-based asset tracking, resource management and predictive analysis tools. While that probably doesn’t have any direct application to libgdx, there are undoubtedly many things that all software development ventures have in common (team collaboration, code optimization, etc). I hope that my experience will be at least somewhat useful to the community. And if not, at least I can claim that I’ve fixed a few bugs in the issue tracker!
me: So what are you going to force down our throats?
eric: For starters, I’ll be assisting with some of the 3D modeling functionality in libgdx. As mentioned in a previous blog post, the Wavefront OBJ Loader will be one of my immediate projects. I firmly believe that immersive 3D games will be the future of the handheld and tablet game markets. There are at least a few of these games on the market already, and with the advent of newer and more powerful hardware, I’m certain that it’s only a matter of time before it really takes off. Optimization is another subject you’re likely to hear me ranting about. I profile my code judiciously – when time allows – and I’m always looking for the faster method. While micro-optimizations are probably not worthwhile in a desktop environment, I think they can be worthwhile in the handheld environment.
me: Any projects you got cooking?
eric: Well, I am currently working on a 3D Space Shooter that’s something of a cross between Starfox and X-wing vs Tie Fighter. Given my response to your first question, and my eagerness to work on the libgdx framework, I’d venture to say that completion of that project is probably several months out. Aside from that, I’ve been working on an ever-changing, ever-evolving, browser-based application for a Government client for a couple of years now – but I really can’t say much more about that.
me: Last words?
eric: I can sometimes be “long-winded” in my responses and comments. This is only because I’d prefer to help someone understand a problem, rather than just giving them a solution. Hopefully, those of you that have been, or will be, subject to my ramblings can find it in your hearts to forgive me – I mean all the best.

Welcome Eric!

The team has grown quite a bit. Neat.

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