Welcome Tamas on the libgdx team!

And one more new member of the big bad libgdx family. Tamas is going to help out with documentation, namely the dev guide we are in currently planning out. Here’s the obligatory interview.

me: Who the fuck are you?
tamas:I’m a bit of everything. A failed sportsman, a former problem student, anti corporatist open source software enthusiast. A hobbyist game developer who has fallen out of love with more than 13 companies in that many years as a software developer. I just like the struggle of life and seemingly enjoying being poor. I love to give stuff away for free if it’s used and valued (including my time) and most of all, I like spending time personally with people.
me: Why do you deserve being on this blog?
tamas: Apart from learning a hell of a lot about game programming and programming in general, I am committed to help others understand the process and work done on a game, help enthusiasts get up to speed with game development using the amazing libgdx and occasionally help out with coding as well to meet the checkpoints on the roadmap.
me: So what are you going to force down our throats?
tamas:I’d rather talk to you until your jaws drop in awe so I can plant amazing chunks of chewable information describing libgdx and how you can achieve things you would have only dreamt of. In plain English: Lots of documentation and occasional code contributions and tools.
me: Any projects you got cooking?
tamas: I am currently maintaining a blog which tries to demystify game development. I am also working on a little RTS game called Droid Wars started for learning purposes mainly, which is likely to never see the light of the mighty LEDs but it keeps me sane.
me: Last words?
tamas:The end is nigh, but is never too late to begin something.

Say hello to Tamas!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Tamas on the libgdx team!

  1. This sounds really good.

    [b]I am currently maintaining a blog which tries to demystify game development.[/b]

    Can we get a link to the blog?

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