Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare! (and Book Challenge)

This weekend Ludum Dare 20 will be held. You don’t know what Ludum Dare is? First of all: shame on you. Second of all: more shame on you!

Ludum Dare is a 48h game development competition. Usually you are given a theme and then create a game from scratch in two days. It’s a breeding ground for great indie developers, and quite a bunch of “famous” people take or took part. Here’s a time lapse of Notch (creator of Minecraft) creating Metagun for Ludum Dare 18. (You can find a libgdx port of the game in our demos folder btw, see SVN).

Seriously, if that doesn’t wet your appetite for wasting enjoying 2 days of pure game development goodness then you shall hand in your geek card. Now!

Libgdx is mature enough to be used in ludum dare. On the plus side you have stand-alone, applet and Android versions of your game out of the box. Cross-platform even! So let’s show those Unity snobs! (Seriously though: Unity is awesome, go check it out! if you don’t know it and essentially lived under a rock for the past years).
For those among you new to libgdx i suggest reading the DOCUMENTATION section on the Google Code main page very carefully. We have full javadocs, tests showing off functionality and full demo games. We also have a growing number of Wiki articles. Fetch the links to all these things from the Google Code page, that should make you read it 😀

This also brings me to our first “Beginning Android Games” challenge. Enter the Ludum Dare competition, create a game in 48h with libgdx and actually submit it in time! Since there might be a chance that multiple people enter and complete the competition i’d say we hold a community vote on who should be declared the winner. Maybe i can talk Apress into giving out more copies so everyone is a winner :p.

Don’t disappoint me. I’m serial!

8 thoughts on “Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare! (and Book Challenge)

  1. An excellent idea for a competition, combining libgdx and Ludum Dare!

    I can certainly vouch for Ludum Dare being a great experience. Even if you don’t normally have much free time, you may be able to free up a few hours to get something done, and it is very satisfying to go from nothing to a playable game within such a short timespan. Don’t worry about how much time that you can devote to it: some people (students) might be able to put in 30 hours over the weekend, others (working parents) might only manage 10. Either way, you’ll still get a lot out of it.

    After LD19 I wrote a Ludum Dare survival guide based on my own experiences.

    One final tip. No one is expecting perfect code, so if there’s a choice between getting the architecture right and getting the game done then always choose getting the game done.

    Good luck!

  2. Yeah, Ludum Dare roxx! It basically changed my life and since I knew from this cool online competition I didn’t get gamedev out of my mind. No kidding! Actually I never really finished something really showable so I just can give you one hint to the one most important rule:
    Keep it simple!! (Most of the times I fail because of too much ambition!)

    I will try to participate but actually I had already in my mind to give the blender game engine a try! 😀 Let’s see what will happen with this 😀

    @Obli: I think this is the best precondition for participating! Now that you are not married yet :D! BTW: Your tween-stuff really rules!

    Ok, ‘see you’ on ludum dare! One problem is that the amount of people is growing more and more and it is nearly impossible to vote and test every game afterwards…you will see 😀

    Keep on rocking, ToM

  3. Mmmh, I’ll think about it, but is difficult (just another working father with too many things to do)

  4. Why does everyone like Notch’s timelapse so much? There are many much better timelapses out there.

  5. Cool, thanks for the info!

    Do you know of any other good indie competitions?

    I know about the Intel level up competition, and IGF, but know there’s got to be several other big ones out there…

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