Caving in: Official Libgdx Git Repository

edit2: and we are back on track. Everything should be setup correctly now, no more funky log messages. there’s a conjob running that will poll the SVN repo every 10 minutes which should be enough for the git repo to be up to date 🙂

edit: i seem to have fucked up somewhere. There aren’t a lot of forks yet (none?) so i deleted the repo and am currently reimporting everything. Patience!

I had a bit of time the other day to setup a Git mirror of the libgdx SVN repository. Sadly i was not able to include the complete history of libgdx due to Google Code constantly borking out (~2000 commits seem to be to much for git-svn + Google Code to handle). In any case, from now on you can fetch your most favorite game dev lib from I have yet to figure out what’s up with the commit commands, i’m a total Git n00b 🙁

8 thoughts on “Caving in: Official Libgdx Git Repository

  1. It is not necessarily googles fault. git-svn (and git-cvs) is seriously borked. I have yet to encounter somebody who has successfully managed to import a huge repository.

    Besides that the google svn does have its said times too.

  2. Okay, if you need help with git and github commands, etc yell..I might answer 🙂 my account name is shareme once I get my first indy game out using libgdx will join the project, probably 🙂

    Don’t ask me to speak German, my Sprechen Sie Deutsch is very bad

  3. YES! I’m a recent converter from svn to git and now I can’t even remember half the stuff I used to know about svn.

    The best git tutorial website IMHO is which includes very basic git stuff, as well as extremely complicated git stuffs.

    TortoiseGit is a huge help for GUI commits and merges.

  4. Really stoked you moved to Git / GitHub.. This is where I’ll be hosting my efforts and it’ll make it that much easier to integrate a mingling of the things with the larger build / config setup setup (backed by Gradle et al) I’m angling to put together soon.

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