The Happiest Day in my Life

edit: the book is now #1 in Game Programming, #2 in Java and #3 in Languages and Tools. It’s the 1431st best selling book on Amazon, no small feet given the huge catalogue and the niche topic. So sweet 😀

The book is now #1 in “Game Programming”, #6 in “Java”, #14 in “Handheld & Mobile Devices” and #4502 overall. Even though this is only temporary, it’s so extremely satisfying i can’t really express it in words. It’s silly, i know. It’s still worth the countless hours i put into this book. More evidence:

So sweet. Let’s hope it generates a little bit of income as well.

19 thoughts on “The Happiest Day in my Life

  1. Hi, are you thinking perhaps of doing an advanced android games book?

    it would be cool.

  2. Congratulations Mario! I’m planning to order my copy soon too. I’ve already learned a lot from just reading your blog, so I’m expecting the book to be very helpful for a noob to game development like myself.

  3. Thanks for all your kind comments.

    t4ils: i guess given your track record you should be the one writting that book 🙂
    Amit: for now i don’t plan on writting a successor, i still need some rest 🙂

  4. Pretty Awesome. Congrats.

    I got the book programming game ai by example on place 3 in gaming. that is one awesome book. highly recommended 🙂

  5. Excellent link sammy, thanks a bunch. I don’t want to piss of Apress so for the time being i’ll probably withhold details. But i’ll absolutely consider writting about the complete process.

  6. I’m really happy for you Mario, best congratulations !

    Guess what ? You’re now NUMBER 2 in Java Programming !!!!!! (and 6th Handheld & Mobile Devices).

    Go easy on champagne though, this little moron can bring you some strong headaches 😉

  7. Thoroughly enjoying the book so far. Very well structured to keep the reader engaged. Certainly no chance of me giving up reading after the line “rendering huge amounts of unicorns with rabies” 🙂

  8. You Should be proud! It’s one of the best technical books I have read – well done! It’s got me well on my way to publishing my first game.

    Any plans to write an iPhone version? I for one would buy it!

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