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Today i received a nicely written mail by Melanie Hossler from Archos. She asked me to put out a version of Newton that will work on their devices which are basically internet tablets running Android 1.5 and as of lately 1.6. As i don’t have a device to test Newton on i was a bit worried that i might run into trouble. Melanie pointed out that i could download a skin to create a proper AVD. However, all the skin does is removing the standard Android buttons home, back, menu and search and instead of the standard red android look a like you get a frame that looks like an Archos 5. Another difference is that in portrait mode the width is larger than the height of the screen (at least that’s what i deciphered from using the provided skin). So i had to tweak Newton a bit in that respect which was a simple one liner. Another problem are the missing system buttons as mentioned above. Up until now Newton had no exit button as you’d normally use the back or home button to exit it. So i also had to add a button to exit Newton in the main menu, again not really a big deal. After messing around with the skin a bit and getting things to work i uploaded the latest Newton Lite version to appslib without a hazzle. Melanie was kind enough to test it on a real device and confirmed that it worked properly. Newton Lite is now officially Archos approved by Melanie :). If you write apps for Android consider porting them to Archos it’s not all that hard. The site itself needs some more work, some things are still a bit rough.

The full version of Newton is still not ready. Stefanie created another 7 levels so we have a whooping amount of 14 new levels now (not counting the 4 i put out earlier this week to celebrate the 10.000th download). We both just don’t find time to do them levels… If any of you out there want to help out drop us a line. There’s a desktop version of Newton with which you could create levels even more easily than on the device.

On a side note: Tower Raiders, a nice tower defense game albeit a bit weak on the overall performance, just broke into the top ten paid apps on the market. The developer seems to have that achieved by listening to his dedicated player community and has a straight 5 star rating on the market along with more than 1000 downloads already. Congrats to you!

4 thoughts on “Newton on Archos

  1. What is so special about the archos 5 hardware wise? It is just a regulat android device with a 800xXXX screen. isn’t it? What are the AVD specs?

    Btw… do you really need the captcha? It does more harm than good. Spam shouldn’t be a problem with akismet.

  2. Yes, it is more or less a standard device apart from the missing system keys. For OpenGL apps the portrait/landscape has to be considered and it doesn’t seem to have a density compatibility mode, other than that everything should work just fine. I don’t have a device though so i might be wrong. The AVD specs are a basic 1.5 avd with the skin you can get at the applibs site at

    Sorry for the captcha, askimet did not work out for me.

  3. Is this the beginning of Archos pushing games for their tablet devices? Is Archos looking for game development companies to help promote gaming on their tablets? Just curious. 🙂

  4. Well, there seem to be quiet some games on the plattform already. According to their site OpenGL is implemented in software at the moment though, with the hardware drivers coming probably some time later this year.

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