Not Dead Yet

I’m not dead, i’m just really busy spending time with the woman and arranging things for my move to San Francisco. In other news, Nate is back and is actively fixing things on the issue tracker (about time!). I started on a GWT backend based on WebGL via GWT-G3D, we’ll see how far that goes.

An iOS port via Monotouch is something Impaler looked into a little bit. There’re quite a few obstacles (a lot more as in the case of GWT, which should actually work out pretty well). We’ll see how far we get there.

Anyways, i’m still active on the forums and add the occasional bug to the SVN repo, just so you know 🙂

9 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet

  1. Good to listen about your recent words.

    is ‘iOS port via Monotouch’ mean games can run on iOS that

    developed on libgdx ?

    if that is right, It’s awesome!

  2. Yes, that would be one way to approach it. However, there are quite a few challenges associated with this endevour. So, no promises and no high hopes 🙂

  3. I’m thinking if you are successful with implementing GWT, then it will be possible to implement games and have them run on Palm phones. i don’t think there is a whole lot of people doing that, but if you are successful Palm may see some more love. ( I own a palm phone myself :p )

  4. i don’t think the browser on palm supports WebGL, so, the GWT backend will not work there. Unless i special case Sprite/SpriteCache and remove any OpenGL ES functionality. Which would probably work 🙂

    That gives me an idea actually. I could provide different profiles for libgdx, e.g. a lite profile that’s easily protable to almost all platforms. Hrm.

  5. I like that profile idea: making it switchable at runtime or maybe through some launcher class will give developers the opportunity to downgrade a game for less advanced devices. That way there isn’t an if gl20 but more of a prof_gles20, prof_gwt10, prof_ios etc kind of enum people can maybe design by themselves or make a repository like the adobe device central idea. And with each profile a set of hardware requirements like resolution from/to maybe, 24 or 16 bit depth buffer, etc. that the launcher can precheck before starting the main class ?

  6. Please don’t ask such questions on non-related blog posts. Use the forums for that.

    ContactEdge is not in the version of box2d we use. We will eventually update to the trunk.

  7. pinche Mario you rock!
    What are you gonna be doing in San Pancho California??? isn’t that like a lot of change from Europe? Are you happy? Welcome to the land of the not free, hope you are getting your papers and id’s from big brother, lol.

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