A few new things in libgdx

Had time to implement a few tiny new things.

  • ETC1 support, sorta. See the ETC1 class and the ETC1Test. I have yet to wire that one up to Texture which will support loading PKM files through the ETC1 class in OpenGL ES 2.0. Why only OpenGL ES 2.0? Cause ETC1 is guaranteed to work there. If you want ETC1 support on OpenGL ES 1.x you can still use the ETC1 class.
  • GWT-backend based on WebGL, sorta. Far away from being finished, but i was able to figure out all the necessities. The biggest hurdle is the asynchronous nature of loading resources in GWT. But i think i found a convenient way to solve that. Also, given the lack of JNI support, some features like Box2D will not be available. However, one can resort to JBox2D (as the guys of the foreplay project did).
  • Pixmap has a new constructor that lets you pass in a byte[] array that holds image data encoded as a JPEG, PNG or BMP. Might come in handy
  • Couple of small fixes here and there, see the SVN changelog

I’ll not be around over the weekend, moving to SF and all that jazz.

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