Community Wiki & All good things have to end eventually

A couple of nice guys over at the forums started a community Wiki. It is not supervised by us and anyone can join! If you want to help libgdx flurish, sign up and go write some nice articles! More info here.

I just checked the ranking of my book on Amazon and it finally fell down the ranking list. I guess all good things have to end eventually, which is fine by me. Let’s see how much i actually made. So far i didn’t get any info on that…

7 thoughts on “Community Wiki & All good things have to end eventually

  1. You scared me with “All good things have to end eventually” 🙂
    I was afraid you stopped with libgdx because you’re so busy and all…

  2. I panicked when I saw that post title, I thought you were stopping development of LibGdx, but of course you were referring to your book, at least it had a good run at the top and I’m sure it’ll keep smouldering away.

  3. thanks for the ping on the community wiki, we’re going to keep adding and extending demos, like this one here around decals:

    all the code is in the git repo, and we are building up a set of reusable wrapper classes to make libGDX easier to use at a high level.

    welcome all folks who want to get involved with documentation or other quick little demos you’ve created with libGDX. a screenshot in the wiki and a demo in the repo, should really help people get up to speed with libGDX more quickly!

  4. well it’s not really the end.. it’s the start of many new games and programs that use your book as a guideline.
    I just finished my first application and I’ve published it in the android market and that’s just thank to your wonderful book.
    Actually I came up here searching for other books written by you and sadly I found out that beginning android games is the only one.
    Mario you’re really good at teaching things!
    Write more books! 🙂
    thank your for your efforts and keep up the good work!

  5. Ordered your book two weeks ago 🙂

    After a lot of questions for the french national post, like ” where is my book ?”, and “How could you lose it between you car and my front door ?” , I should finally get my hands on it tonight 🙂

    Looking forward to it.

  6. What you made money-wise is not a measure of success. It helps definitely but you gained quite a “notoriety” and your status allows you to stir this pot full of minions who learned from it.

    For the rest…get those articles written as it is a great effort and much appreciated!

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