Update to the nightlies!

Update: please update the nightlies again, i found another bug related to my fix yesterday. All should be well now. Sorry folks :/

I found two pretty nasty bugs today:

  • The capacity of direct ByteBuffer instances returned to a Pixmap from native code was calculated incorrectly. This doesn’t influence your apps behaviour nor does it require more memory. It’s still nasty.
  • I forgot to set the unpack alignment to 1. That is indeed nasty. If you used RGB888 and images looked strange, that’s the reason. Sorry for that

I just finished fixing those things. I’ll put my fixes through extensive tests tomorrow and will update this post if anything bad turns up.

Make sure to get the latest nightlies and don’t forget to update your Android natives in libs/armeabi and libs/armeabi-v7a in your Android project!

On a related note: due to popular request you can now fetch the latest nightlies from this link

This should make writting scripts to update to the latest and greatest a lot easier than having to mock around with the other link that contains a date. The thing is just a symlink, the old link is still there as well of course.

I’ll probably release libgdx 0.9.2 this weekend. For real. There are quite a few improvements in the latest trunk version.

Sorry for the fuck up :/

p.s.: i’m checking the forums every 4th day now. I try my best to answer most questions. If it seems that libgdx is dormant and its creators have vanished you have the wrong impression. The oposite is true. It’s just that at the moment i’m really fucking busy with my job. Hope you understand.

5 thoughts on “Update to the nightlies!

  1. Hey Mario, no pressure at all =D

    Libgdx is way over the top and very polished, even if not in final version.
    Take a look at the number of games coming out which were made with your lib ^^
    LibGDX works like a charm as it is right now 😉

    Take your time, you don’t owe us anything, and we understand 🙂

  2. Hey, you didn’t release version 0.9.2! Is it the beer? Just kidding, your work as always is appreciated.

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