Box2D Update

I’ve been working hard today to update our box2d wrapper to the latest release. While i tested it as much as possible, there’s always the possibility that a regression crawled back in. Check out the latest nightlies and update your natives (especially for Android!).

Here’re the changes i made:

@Nicolas, i hope Zynga likes all the free work we do for them 🙂 It would be nice if the andenginephysicsextension actually stated where the source comes from.

You Mac OS X lovers have to wait until Tamas can compile the binaries for you (3-4 days).

7 thoughts on “Box2D Update

  1. Nice… Hah.. Are they using AndEngine @ Zynga? Figure they wouldn’t per se due to a more cross-platform focus, but I’m guessing you’re being silly.. eh heh.. I’ll credit you & libgdx co when I “steal”; well anything borrowed won’t be a 1:1 lift due to massive different organizational structure; OOP -> component oriented, etc. ;P Beers while you are out here? I’ve kind of been trapped in my hacker cave recently and all weekend.. boo. clocks ticking though to Nov…

  2. Been trapped as well, just went through my e-mail backlog. Let me know when and where you want to get some 🙂 21st Amendment isn’t have bad, and i know a place in Mission that is awesome (german beer!).

  3. Cool.. Yeah.. I was wondering if you were busy re email, etc.. I was like hmm… this doesn’t seem right.. If I got any hints from online I think he likes beer and spirited discussion! ;P Nate’s here too right? City Beer is a great beer tasting bar in SOMA & across the street from Bloodhound which is a SOMA staple. Would be down to hear about the spot in the Mission. Will be hitting up Bloodhound tomorrow evening, but City Beer is likely closed.

  4. About getting credit for the box2D extensions to andEngine… at least he didn’t rename the files and change the classpaths from com.badlogic like he did for other stuff. lol

  5. Hi Mario,

    I’m using Nicholas extension of your Box2D port. But it is so old.
    Besides updating the corresponding files with these changes, what else do I need to do?

    For example, I am able to call the new methods in my code, compile and run, but when it is executed I get this:
    No implementation found for native Lcom/badlogic/gdx/physics/box2d/Body;.jniSetGravityScale:(JF)V

    is there something I should compile using cygwin? or some other code I should add?

    thanks for any advice you can provide me with.
    best regards,

  6. I’m afraid you’ll have to bug Nicholas to update his fork of our box2d bindings. You’ll need to recompile the native libs (.so files) using the NDK.

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