Newton Statistics, February

Well, here it is, my second stats report for Newton. Between this and the last one i released two updates, one fixing some issues and the other one adding 4 new levels. Here’s the current downloads and installs data:

I’m currently at 46% install base, a bit above 6000 installs. That’s probably not bad and the Abduction blog shows similar figures for the lite version of Abduction (albeit a lot more downloads). What’s interesting is that the install base starts to shrink slowly over time and is not compensated by new downloads. This shrinking sets in a week after a new release with daily loses of 30 installs. I could of course put out weekly updates as many others do just to push Newton back to the top of the “Just In” list but i think that’s a shitty practice as long as i don’t have to offer any fixes or new content.

Speaking of new content, we now have 20 new levels for the full release. Yes, we are working slowly, i’m sorry. I guess the initial goal of 80 new levels can’t be reached in reasonable time so we’ll stop at around 40-50 and hope that the in-game editor and level sharing will make up for some of the missing levels. The full version of Newton will probably cost 1.49€ which is hopefully a reasonable price.

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