BitmapFont, Delta Y and other fixes

Hi there,

fixed a couple of issues on the tracker today (or set them to invalid/won’t fix where appropriate). The biggest changes that might affect your application:

  • BitmapFont constructors taking a TextureRegion: if you call BitmapFont#dispose() on such a BitmapFont, the Texture the region refers to won’t be disposed. You have to explicitely kill that Texture yourself. This allows sharing a texture among BitmapFonts if you are not using AssetManager. With AssetManager, everything is done for you automatically, including reference counting.
  • The Lwjgl backend reported the delta y for the mouse cursor incorrectly. It’s sign is now inverted, in accordance with the behaviour of the Jogl and Android backends.

I fixed a couple of other issues and merged the patches people submitted. Thanks for that, very much appreciated! I hope to have more time for libgdx in the near future. Stay tuned for new stuff!

3 thoughts on “BitmapFont, Delta Y and other fixes

  1. Almost a month without new stuff! You got me worried. 🙂 It looks like AssetManager is becoming really good class. I should find time to refactor my code to use it.

  2. Yesss, thank you for the bitmap font additional, that would’ve saved me a lot of head banging with Pengu Wars 🙂

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