Oh god, it’s 6am and…

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i hate writting JNI bindings, e.g. for bullet. So i spent the last couple of hours on this:

I’ll explain it tomorrow. Not sure what to call it, abomination is probably the most fitting.

5 thoughts on “Oh god, it’s 6am and…

  1. Neither Swig not JNA are helpful for the things i want to do. I’m aware of the options, and i think both projects are awesome. However, both produce Java class hierarchies that are painful to use. In JNA’s case, the emitted C/C++ code is als pretty slow.

    My goal is it to provide API bindings that are as close as possible to real deal while providing the best possible Java -> native code call performance. Creating bindings manually allows me to do that. The tool helps greatly in that regard.

  2. I pretty much work from the nightly builds and update once or twice a week. I find them pretty stable overall. I love the recent work you’ve been doing. The UI stuff is pretty awesome 🙂

    However, I noticed that adding libbullet.so added about 2.7mb of binary bloat to my very tiny project. Is there any way for me to turn off its inclusion? I am only interested in the 2d side of libgdx, so having a 3d physics library is kind of silly in my case.

  3. There’s no need to include libgdxbullet.so. All you need is libandroidgl2.so and libgdx.so. I’m in the process of modularizing most of the native code so you can pick and chose the minimum shared library set necessary for your application.

  4. Have you had a chance to check out JavaCPP?


    I’ll hopefully be wrapping up the Java side of my efforts in the next month.. Grr.. Didn’t make NYE, but such is life. I figure plane tickets to SF so my rear is safe from your foot… ;P I’ll be turning to integrating native side APIs soon and will check out JavaCPP first; I’d like to find some ease from manually rolling bindings. I do hope to be wrapped up by March.. We’ll see as I need another contract soon.. 🙂

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