Update to Lwjgl 2.8.2

I just updated libgdx to use Lwjgl 2.8.2 on the desktop. Please test it on your favorite platform and let me know of any problems. I tested it on win32/64 and lin32/64 (Ubuntu in VirtualBox with HW acceleration enabled) without any kind of problems.

The new version also allows us to have the Lwjgl window be resizable. To enable this feature just set the respective field in LwjglApplicationConfiguration to true:

10 thoughts on “Update to Lwjgl 2.8.2

  1. Works both on Windows 7 and Mac OS (MacBook Pro)! Great work 🙂

    For some reason resizing on LWJGL does not quite function correctly though!? When I use JOGL as the backend, everything is fine. Touch coordinates/drawing are off when a LWJGL window is resized by hand. Does a window resize propagate the same way to ApplicationListener as for JOGL?

  2. Just tried – changing the window size works great now 🙂 I found another minor bug for scaling (sorry)! This is for LWJGL only (works fine with JOGL):

    This happens on Windows 7: when the mouse enters the window borders, the mouse pointer changes to the left-right/up-down/vertical scale arrows (perfectly OK). However, when the mouse pointer is moved inside the window (OpenGL rendering area), the mouse pointer doesn’t always change back to the standard mouse pointer, but the window scale arrows stay up.

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  4. Confirming what Christoph wrote above. Setting resizable = true in the application configuration causes the ‘windows’ resizable cursor icons to not switch to a pointer while over the LWJGL app. So the result is that you are controlling it with a icon (or whatever).

    A polished work around is using Gdx.input.setCursorCatched(true), and rendering your own fancy-pants cursor icon.

  5. I can’t really fix the pointer cursor issue, that’s a LWJGL thing i’m afraid. The rest has been fixed today, nightlies and SVN are up to date.

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