EGL Context loss and GLES 2.0 performance

I just finished off a couple of new improvements.

  • If your app runs on a device with Android +3.0, the EGL context will be preserved when there’s not to much resource pressure from other apps. You don’t have to do anything special.
  • SpriteBatch/DecalBatch and all things that use those funky classes (Stage, etc.) got a performance boost when using GLES 2.0. On my test devices, GLES 2.0 is now always faster than GLES 1.x.

Those improvements were added as i discovered a few performance issues with an app i’m working on. There might be more to come 😀

8 thoughts on “EGL Context loss and GLES 2.0 performance

  1. Hi! Thanks you for this job, this awesome as always!
    P.S. A couple of weeks ago I saw the Bullet physics library in the extentions folder, but then was gone. Bullet be back? ) That would be cool for 3D. I tried use a jBullet, but if Bullet be native for gdx, it will be better, i think. Thanks again!

  2. Can you consider expanding the font class and make it like slick2d’s font where you don’t have to use bit map fonts to output text? I’ve been searching for a decent class to render unicode text in openGL but no luck. For some languages like Japanese and Chinese, bit map font is out of option since they have like 5000+ characters. It would be a great new feature for us if you can implement unicode text rendering on the fly. Thanks!

  3. @Noa – look at the forum, there is TTF class there. But it would be awesome if there was a class that could render fonts with border and gradients.

  4. On the subject of fonts, It would be really awesome if the native BitmapFont class could use rotation and originX, originY (for scaling).

  5. Yeah, I also noticed that some fonts are really good at scaling! I used Roboto converted to BitmapFont 70px and it was good even on small screen when it was scaled to like 15px. So scaling for fonts would be really useful (right now you can scale them, but you have to put them inside Group).

  6. Mario, great job on the GLES 2.0 performance updates. My game, on a kindle fire, went from 15fps to 60fps solid.

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