Android Development Tools R17 break your Libgdx Project?

Some kind folks on the forums informed me that the latest Android ADT plugin breaks libgdx projects. The reason for this is that an Android Eclipse project no longer adds the sources of referenced Java projects to the APK it compiles. Why they had to do this is beyond me, the fix is simple however.

  • Click on your Android Project
  • Select Properties
  • Select Java Build Path
  • Select Order and Export
  • Check all your references, e.g. the gdx.jar, the gdx-backend-android.jar, your main code project etc.

That’s it. Here’s a before and after image for a project that uses the jars.

You don’t necessarily have to check the .jar files in this case if they are in your Android project’s libs/ folder.

If you run from SVN, just check the referenced gdx and gdx-backend-android project in the same settings dialog.

Now i have to redo all the tutorials…

23 thoughts on “Android Development Tools R17 break your Libgdx Project?

  1. i don’t know why, but my android projects still have this problem…. 🙁
    i use projects that work well before update.

  2. I still have problem with this…my Eclipse doesnt seem to recognize any package imported from another project, although I’ve already ticked the project folder in Order and Export tab..and it compiles fine too! But when I run this as android app, it always crashed…
    Any idea why? Somebody please? :'(

  3. I still have same problem, Keep saying NoClassDefFoundError. I ticked off the project the way you described up there, but exactly same problem. I tried cleaning all my projects but same.Please help

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