Ilomilo is sweet

While surfing Android Guys today i found a game seemengly being ported to the next Android generation called Ilomilo. It uses OpenGL ES 2.0 for all it’s rendering and looks incredible. They seem to use all that can be done with OpenGL ES 2.0 starting from simple light and bump maps to dynamic shadow maps, ambient occlusion rim lighting and post process effects like depth of field and vignettes. Their development blog is pretty awesome so go check it out.

Yes, that’s really ported to android and from the video over at Android Guys they pulled off the quality in the above video on Android too. (around minute 3:45 the game is demonstrated)

I’m confident i could pull off the same effects to some extend when OpenGL ES is finally available officially. The lack of a proper artist is prohibitive though. If any of you readers out there think you got what it takes to model and texture your way through a complete game, get in touch with me, maybe we can get something done (yes, high hopes…).

Anyways, i look forward to this game it looks awesome!

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