Taking inspiration from the Demo scene

I’ve never boughtered to get into the demo scene but was always impressed by the visual and audio perfection many products arrive at. Especially small prods in say 64k do a lot procedurally which is also what i’m going to do for the upcoming music game i work on. I know quiet a lot about standard graphics programming from writting my own software renderer to other topics like implementing various partitioning schemes and so on. I never boughtered much with graphical effects and that’s really a problem. Over the years i have seen incredible prods that made me wonder how to achieve this level of beauty. Well, after learning all that’s needed for the audio side of things i will try to forget all i have learned about graphics programming over the last decade and dive into the art of demo programming. Maybe this will give my upcoming games the graphical edge they need to stand out.

I found this series of articles i haven’t read yet be the introduction seemed to be pretty good. We’ll see how all that works out over the next couple of days/weeks when i try to put together some demo effects myself. If i find the time i’ll write about that in more detail here. To get yourself started i suggest looking at pouet.net and scene.org. There’s a couple of other intersting blocks talking about the topic, e.g. this one

Edit: well i skimmed over the articles i linked to above and they seem to be a bit to old school. But they reminded me of my old mode 13h DOS days. Oh how i loved my old 486…

Edit2: so i did a shitload of research already and found a few things i like to share with people that want to start demo coding. First of there’s the videos of the seminars held at Assembly. You can find them for 2009 at http://media.assembly.org/vod/2009/Seminars/. I only looked at the “Demo programming for beginners” video so far and it was ok. Not a lot of surprises and some things i wouldn’t do like they were presented but the links in the end are nice. Here’s the links:

http://frontend.outracks.net/ A portable game/demo engine written in c++. Comes with example demos.
http://elsewhere.stc.cx/demoprogramming/ the side of the videos presenter, features engine and demo code.
http://pouet.net/sourceprod.php sources to many demos on pouet.net. Awesome!

Now that should get me started.

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