Libgdx in 1.24% of Android Apps (on Appbrain)

This data from AppBrain makes us happy. I’m not sure what the stats are based on, i assume apps submitted to AppBrain and not the general Google Play market. But we are the leading game development library there, quite a head of other engines and frameworks like Unity, AndEngine, Cocos2D, Corona or Marmelade.

Great stuff, thanks for trusting in our little open source project and keep on rocking!

8 thoughts on “Libgdx in 1.24% of Android Apps (on Appbrain)

  1. It’s really good to hear that! I was looking for a good open source engine I could use for developing android games, and I coudn’t find any one better doccumented than LibGDX. Your support is really great.

  2. Neato.

    I’d imagine this is probably based on their Android app reading info about APKs as they are installed. Thus, it’s probably only as accurate as the sample of Android users having the AppBrain app installed.

    Still cool, nonetheless.

  3. Nice! I’m hoping to get more apps out, so hopefully raise that number 😉

    I’d also like to get more tutorials out there, since LiBGDX streamlines being able to focus more on game development, and less on trying to get the basics needed setup, saves a lot of time.

    More people will start using it, as they realize how to, and the lack of limitations from using it.

  4. Thats Great knews I loved libgdx from the first time i found it but Please make more tutorials (video tuts maybe) for us noobs to learn how to make awesome games 😛

  5. Congratulations! It’s a remarkable growth.

    if libgdx supported the iOS build, It must be the the best java game platform.

  6. I recently found some games I play a lot are made with libGDX like the Bumbledore. 🙂 AppBrain seems to get all games/apps from Google Play quite fast.

  7. Congratulations libGDX

    I am using libgdx framework and it is very good framework in developing android games. With this framework developer can make brilliant games.

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