We are greedy bastards

We’ve been talking about donations within the team the last few weeks/days (== mass e-mail). We decided to put up a donation button for libgdx. I feel like i need to explain the rationale behind it.

Libgdx is free, as in beer for you. For us it means covering recurring and one-time costs, such as paying for the build server, buying new Android devices, buying a Mac to develop for iOS and compile natives for Mac OS X and so on. That means less beer for us, which is bad.

Note that no dontations does not mean the development of libgdx can’t continue.

So, there you have it. It’s for a good cause, we code harder when drunk.

18 thoughts on “We are greedy bastards

  1. Nice!

    Why don’t you guys also add ads to the top of the forum, and somewhere on the blog?

    It won’t pay for much, but maybe the cost of domain registration + a little extra πŸ˜‰

    I have a tutorial site, gets at least 15x less traffic then your blog (according to alexa), and makes around $5 a month… (although another site made 40x that one month)

    It might not be much, but a single static Google adsense ad might not be too intrusive, and help out a little bit. Or maybe even sponsored ads, like ’emanueleferonato’ switched to-

  2. I would love to Donate but will never use PayPal!
    Any other way to donate?

    You could add an in-app purcase/donation example in the libgdxTest app and finaly put it in the market πŸ™‚ … this will make donations much more easy … and maybe people donate which each new Test/Feature released.

    If there is only Paypal i will just by your next book πŸ˜€

  3. Paypal was the fastest way to set this up, you can actullay donate via credit card as well, without a Paypal account. That being said, i have my reservations as well and totally understand that Paypal is putting some people off.

    A libgdx test app with in-app purchases is a neat idea, if i find some time i’ll follow that route. Google will get 30% on that though, with paypal it’s less.

  4. it’s good. if donate support my country, then i want to do it too. it’s so despairing for me.

  5. How can we be sure you will actually use the money for booze instead of wasting it on food or bills or sensless personal hygiene items?

  6. My paypal account is messed up somehow; probably because I haven’t used it in years. So I went ahead and bought your book. I hope that translates to something meaningful for you. If I can get my paypal sorted out, I’ll send you some beer money.

  7. You could look at using Amazon Payments and/or Google Checkout. Both of those have similarly simple widgets you can place on the site.

  8. QA = Quality Assurance

    I have decided to make my next game with libgdx, if it makes profit I will donate so you can keep drinking beers. My success is your success πŸ™‚

    Good luck and thanks for your hard work!

  9. I know it might not be obvious from the libgdx source, but i ran into QA quite often in my life πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your endevours.

  10. Oh, donate via PayPal doesn’t work for me :/ i can donate just only through credit card, because PayPal doesn’t support my country.

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