Libgdx on iOS, day 5

Nothing much added, just setup one of the demo games to compile and run on iOS. Audio and Input are still on the todo list, gotta understand the inner workings of both before i move on. Obligatory screen (sorry the old one’s are gone…)

8 thoughts on “Libgdx on iOS, day 5

  1. It’s pretty cool- do a lot of people want iOS compatibility?

    I know it’s kind of ignoring a potential market by just doing Android, but I’m not overly fond of the closed system, and lack of developer/user centric designs.

    But it looks very impressive what you have so far!

  2. I got many mails from people aksing if Robo Miner will be available for iOS .. so I am looking forward how this iOS thingy will work out .. indeed it seems to be a hard bunch of work, respect to mario

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