Drawing rectangular sprites with a lot of whitespace that get’s cut away through alpha-blending can be a waste for big, static, background elements. PolygonSpriteBatch is here to safe the day. Bach, Shiu and Obli worked on integrating it after a quick design round via Skype/Google Docs. A PolygonSprite is made up of vertices that form a polygon instead of a rectangle. This allows you to more tightly fit the geometry to the relevant portions of the source image. You can find more information at http://www.fainted.dk/?p=142, the new classes are in the latest nightlies.

4 thoughts on “PolygonSpriteBatch

  1. It’s officially released? Waw, need to hurry to commit the tool and polish it into something that fits the libgdx design guidelines.
    Heavy thanks to bach and shiu, this method looks truly promising! Testingit in real games will create impressive results, I’m sure.

  2. I didn’t really do much, Bach is THE man here. But without your editor it would never have been possible, so thanks to you! 🙂

  3. I am a Software Engineer in the making (from NUST) and hails from Pakistan. I want to offer my gratitude to people working for this libgdx library and I would like to see myself contributing to libgdx one day. Since about last 10 months, I have witnessed how libgdx is evolving so quickly and how new developers are being added to this family. This is the first Open Source project whose development I have followed somewhat closely and have come to realize the beauty of Open Source. It makes learning so much easier and fun. At the end, it makes everyone happy.

    BTW AurelienRibon your Physics Body Editor has made so many lives easier. And Shiu, I am gonna try POLYGONSPRITEBATCH soon. Happy coding.


  4. we don’t really have to care about what other thought.just do believe in yourself and keep doing whatever you want to do.you will be successful someday for sure.thanks for the post.

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